Our go to Running Locations

Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or a casual jogger, we bet you’ll love running around Newcastle. The city is home to some unbelievable trails and routes, just waiting to be explored. We firmly believe that there’s no better way to see a place than by foot. And if those feet happen to be running you’ll definitely see a whole lot more of the area!

If you’ve caught the running bug and you’d like to discover somewhere new, make sure you check out our top spots for running in Newcastle. These routes include beaches, nature reserves, our iconic harbour and so much more. Complete them all and you’ll earn some serious bragging rights.

Blackbutt Reserve

Distance from us: 15 mins driving
Spanning 182 hectares of natural bushland, this nature reserve is home to some awe-inspiring running routes. There are wide open spaces to jog around, and a whole world of natural habitats to be explored. Be warned though, it’s an undulating area, so running at Blackbutt Reserve isn’t for the faint hearted! There are, however, ample opportunities for those all-important hill sprints.

Bathers Way

Distance from us: 4 mins driving / 10 mins walking
Your typical 5km run doesn’t get much more scenic than this. Bathers Way is a 5km path which spans a stretch of the coast from Nobby’s Headland to Glenrock Reserve. It’s an amazing route to explore at any time of the day, but we love running along here at sunrise and taking in the epic views while we try to smash those 5km PBs!

Newcastle Harbour

Distance from us: 3 mins walking
Newcastle Harbour offers so much to see and do; visiting it is an absolute must. If you want to explore the harbour completely, running is a great way to do so. Grab your trainers and get ready to discover a huge array of different shops, bars and restaurants, dotted around the edges of the marina. It makes for a beautiful run and there’s no better way to find out what’s on at the harbour!


Distance from us: 10 mins walking

For road runners, Honeysuckle is ideal. This area of Newcastle is home to fantastic restaurants, bars and independent stores, and it’s the perfect place to visit on your morning run. Formerly an industrial area, Honeysuckle has since been transformed, with brand new structures dotted amongst its original heritage buildings. See what you can find as you tour Honeysuckle on foot (the forum is well worth a visit!).

Nobby's Breakwall

Distance from us: 10 mins walking / 2 mins driving
Nobby’s Breakwall is one of the most enchanting running routes in the area. The breakwall leads up to the iconic Nobby’s Beach lighthouse, which is another great spot to visit in Newcastle. It’s a very popular walking route, and it’s well suited to runners too. Running along here can get quite windy, but the splashes of seawater are a great way to cool down as you go!

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