Ice Cream Parlours in Newcastle

No vacation is complete without an ice cream (or two). If you’re a fan of a frozen treat, you won’t be disappointed by the options in Newcastle! Like all great coastal cities, Newcastle is home to a huge selection of epic ice cream parlours, where you can find all sorts of delicious delicacies. Take a look at our top Newcastle ice cream parlours and get ready for some of the most amazing ice cream you’ve ever tasted!


Distance from us: 500m /5 mins walking
Estabar, just up the street overlooking Newcastle Beach, is where you'll find everything local and seasonal. Including gelato. Each week their flavours change according to what fruits - and sometimes vegetables they can pick up at our local Farmers Market. Think Mandarin Jam and Roasted Macadamia, Lemonade Fruit and Ginger, Lime and Hibiscus, Blood Orange and Rhubarb and even Chocolate and Beetroot. For milky flavours, estabar uses Little Big Dairy's single herd milk and cream, the resulting' chocolate and Creamy Milk flavours are heavenly.

Popolo Gelateria

Distance from us: 10 mins walking / 3 mins driving
The Italians have been making amazing ice cream since at least the 17th Century, so they really know their stuff! Popolo is a traditional Italian gelateria, which focuses on the classic flavours, with a few modern twists thrown into the mix. The team are hugely passionate about the gelato they make, and you can even see them at work in the laboratorio through a glass wall. There’s a vast selection of different flavours on offer at Popolo. We highly recommend the indulgent almond amaretti and the punchy cinnamon and ginger.
Popolo Gelateria

G & G

The team at G&G Gelato pride themselves on their authentic, tasty Italian gelato. The gelato is made fresh in-house, and you can even see the machine whirring away in the background as you stop to pick out your flavours. G&G Gelato serves a changing array of gelatos every day, so make sure you stop by to see what’s on offer. We particularly liked the lemon sherbet and hazelnut varieties on our last visit.


Distance from us: 15 mins walking / 3 mins driving
Monella is a hugely fun ice cream parlour on Darby Street. It may look a bit like a nightclub, but venture inside and you’ll find an incredible array of gelato flavours! All of the gelato is made from scratch, and there are some delicious options on offer. Flavours include chocolate fondant, pistachio and dulce de leche, as well as more unusual concoctions like lemon meringue, bounty and peanut butter. They also do vegan sorbets.

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